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I swear it has been atleast a year or so since i've been on this thing. I had totally forgotten about it until my home girl Elena asked me if i had a LJ a few days ago. Shen then told me that she added me so i figured i'd check things out and see how everyone is doing since it's been ages and ages since i've been on here......

Gosh! Since i last wrote on here so much has happened. The think i'm most proud of is kicking my very NASTY heroin habit. I have talked alot about in my myspace blogs. Yeah...i was up to about 200 or moe a day in heroin. I got obsessed with not only the feeling but the whole ritual of it all and just being sick ,twisted and naughty. I have paid the price though. i'm stuck on fuckin 100 milgrams of methadone i'm trying to kick and i no longer have any veins. So i couldn't hit a vein if i tried...and muscleing it just sucks n is a waste....................soOO ja that was that and it went on for a long ass time...but now i'm proud to say that i am 100% clean and don't even drink..not even a beer..GROOODY! I have workd much to hard tO fuck with my hard earned sobriety.............. sooo thats that

U all know i've lived in Long Beach forever. I just loved the whole 1920's style places. I lives in gay land for awhile ehich i adored but....recently i just moved int oa big house with a pool, jacuzzi , fire place,game room, dinning, room,,,,huge balcony where u can actually plat a freakig garden if u want. The place is a fucking deam come true. I'm working on my room this week and it's going to be gorgeous and cozy....very naughty and it jusr screams passion...sexO! I'm doing all the painting and stff today. U guys know my style and how obsesssed i am with moroccon style stuff soooooooo...ja just try and guess what it'll look like.. i'llpost pixxxys later....

GA! I haven't been sleping well cause i'm trying to kick the fucking methadone 5 miligrams a week...sounds easy huh? ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckin hell! It's totally awful. I feel old and broken

So...what is everyone guna do for XMAS???????????????????

tell me something new and different.............

p,s i am sooo in l0ve with that new show TRUE BLOOD! I know it's chessy but i luv it! lol
peace ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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