Domiana (mistressdomiana) wrote,


they last fewDAYS/ nights have been soooooo much fun!!!! Sunday Alex and i went downtown and bought loads of fucking lashes and makeup oh and contacts....and for fucking dirt cheap!!!! YAY! i MUST thank my bud Alex for the hookup...THANK U GIRLY!!!! Saturday jess,alex and me went to a spooky house...well that wasn't that spooky but wew had alot of fun....and pigged out on omletes at Jerry's deli um GOOD! Last night Jess, Duane and me went to the Placebo/ She Wants Revenge was fuckign great!!!! BTW....THANKS FOR THE SHOW JESS.....!!!!!!!AKA CUPCAKE!!!! Then after we stopped by Evas place and hung out a bit.............oh and i ate a piece of pizza!!!! very bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fun fun goodtimes!!!!!

oh and here is a few piccccsss from my shoot with Karen Hsio and my bud BOOM BOOM!!!!!

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