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soooooooo long!

It seems like it's been forever sincce i have been on my lj. I have been trying to get into my yahoo account so i can update my yahoo group. I can not remember the pass word to save my fucking life. i have tried everything they ask. I have no ideaa. HUMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone know of another way to get in...
Maybe if i write them or something. FUCKIN A!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so annoyed.

So the whole reason i want to get into the stupid thing is because i have decided that i want to start with the modeling stuff again. I keep getting offers ....well actually they have never stopped but i've rejected them do to my past hell with drug and booze...
It just kind of takes everything you care about and puts it on hold. So now that i have managed to kick the methadone i want to start shOwing my old ass! No but seriously i know that i look better than most bitches who are like ten years younger. FUCK! I still get carded and i love love love it! haha!

That is the one thing heroin did for me. It slowed down the aging process big time..especially with the massive amounts of dOpe i used to do! I could shoot fucking anyone under the table..same with drinking,
NO! I'm not bragging either's fucking awful and the kick ...Oh!!!!!the kick!!!!!!!! PURE FUCKING 100% hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think people are fucking stupid who even want to dabble in it. If you aren't a junkie already then why become one. The first time i ever did H was when i was fourteen and it was not by choice.....
Yeah so when people brag about their little pill habits and whatever i'm like yeah stupid keep it up until one day u wake up sicker than hell and have no idea why...O! and that fucking awful feeling of coming out of your skin....u just want to rip your skin off and run down the street screaming or banging your head against something until u knock yourself out.....but seriously u can't sit down, sit up, lay down, move.............. nothing helps but the dope....or lots of time. what seems like lifetimes...of time.
the only thing ..that instant thing to take it all away dope!
METHADONE is the monster of them all..................and i was on a high fucking dose and guess what i kicked that shit..........and my asshole of an x is still accusing me of being loaded on it when i'm not.
He just wants a reason to complain about something cause he is a fucker!

anyways...i dunnO how i got so onto the drug subject but i guess because i was talking to my friend Kady about it earlier today on face book. anyways theres so much to say but to much to write but if anyone is on dope... one word for u SUBOXONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the shit really is a miracle drug =) sooo ask me if u need help or info or anything..... email me here ............

OH! so anyways i am going to model again. I just have to get some things in order but i have some stuff set up alot actually and with great photographers. Lot's of rad ideas fun!

anyways.....i'm blabbing
so i am going to go chow on some food.....................yums

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