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Blood Bath Beauty Queen

"In love with razor blades"

26 August
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I'm satan's whore!!!!!!! MWAHAHHAAA!!!!


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I adopted a cute lil' dragon fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

. dirt roads, .medical play, amf, anorexia, antiques, architecture, art, astral projection, astrology, baths, bats, belly dancing, blood, boas, body modification, bondage, books, boots, burlesque, candles, candy, carnivals, cars, cartoons, castles, chinese astrology, classic movies, coffins, corsets, cultofscooter, cutting, day dreams, demonology, demons, domination, dreams, eating disorders, education, europe, fake hair, fantasy, fashion history, fetish, fetish shoes, financial slavery, flowers, french language, garage sales, gardening, garter belts, ghost, grapes, green eyes, green hills, grey clouds, guns, halloween, hammer films, herbs, history, honey, horror, ice, incense, kitties, knives, latex, leather, liz mcgrath, long nails, lost places, magick, makeup, medieval, mental illness, mistress domiana, mohawks, monsters, movies, mummification, music, mythology, nature, occult, oil, old photo's, old picture frames, owls, paint, paints, pale skin, parapsychology, paris hilton, perfume, pills, pin ups, pine sol, plastic surgery, poetry, pointy eyebrows, rain, rainbows, razorblades, red, red lips, release the bats, rubber, sea, serial killers, shoes, silence, six feet under, sleeeping, small windows, snow, sponge bob, stars, starvation, statues, tarot, tattoos, tea, the 80's, thrift stores, thundercats, thunderstorms, tightlacing, torture techniques, toys, troma, tweezers, ugly shyla, unicorns, valium, vanity, versace, victorian houses, victorian porn, video games, vintage lingerie, volcanos, voodoo, waist training, waterfalls, wet grass, willow trees, wine, writing, zain